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Super Fly logo Design

The image of a green bowling ball on which the logo of the Super Fly Tennis Club is designed
Super Fly logo design
Super Fly logo design

Project Brief

The England Super Fly tennis club brand required a new logo for its sports business. They desired a simple design to utilize all their products and services. Our team noticed that the client needed more knowledge of logo design styles, so we provided advice and created a unique logo design for them. The project involved various stages, including ideation, sketching, logo design, and presentation, where we presented the client with different options and made revisions based on their feedback. The final logo design met the client’s needs for a simple yet distinct logo that could be used across all their products and services. The customer was happy with our work and capacity to comprehend their objectives and provide an excellent design.

What did we do for this client?

Our team created a logo design that was both unique and minimalistic for the Super Fly tennis club, which perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements. We gathered information about the client’s preferences and requirements, including their desire for a green color scheme and legibility on various materials.

Our team provided advice and created several different logo options for the client. We made revisions based on their feedback and worked with them to finalize the design that met their needs. We ensured the final logo was legible and recognizable on different materials and mediums. Delivered the final logo design to the client in various formats suitable for use on web pages and printed materials, including t-shirts, hats, socks, and sports equipment.

We also ensured that the final logo design met the client’s requirements and was delivered within their budget. The client was pleased with our work and ability to deliver a high-quality logo design within their budget. They expressed satisfaction with the result and appreciated our ability to understand their needs and deliver a design that met their requirements.


In this Super Fly logo design project stage, our team brainstormed concepts and designs to align with the client’s needs for a minimalistic and recognizable logo. We considered different color schemes and explored options before presenting the client with several design concepts.


During the Sketching stage of the Super Fly logo design project, our team created rough sketches and designs based on the ideas generated during the ideation phase. We focused on incorporating the client’s preference for a minimalistic and green-colored logo into the designs.


The Logo Design stage for the Super Fly logo design project involved generating and refining design concepts based on the client’s brand identity and values. The final design was then fine-tuned to ensure its effectiveness in representing the brand and resonating with the target audience.


We presented the customer with the completed logo design, mockups, and color options. Before finishing the design, we solicited input from the customer and made any required changes. We also supplied instructions for using the logo in other programs.

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Our happy client

Stevens Gray
Stevens Gray
Founder & CEO
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I was on the hunt for a company to make a logo for me, but I wanted to save money. Found these guys on Facebook, and they delivered some solid work for the price. Satisfied with the result!

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