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Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet content production
Rocket Internet content production

Project Brief

The content created for Rocket Internet aimed to effectively showcase their products and increase engagement with their target audience. Through product descriptions and sales-focused messaging, we worked to highlight the unique value proposition of each offering and drive conversions. Additionally, we developed content that encouraged user engagement and fostered a sense of community around the brand. Our goal was to create content that helped Rocket Internet stand out in a crowded market and establish a solid online presence.

What did we do for this client?

Our team worked on editing and standardizing existing text content for the client’s online store, which included over 500,000 words. We also generated descriptive product text for over 2,000,000 words to provide complete explanations and introduce products to customers. Additionally, we used crawler programming and production to collect and categorize above 1,000,000 product photos to unify the product display on the online store.

Our solution was chosen to increase customer interaction, increase conversion rate, and clarify the offered products. As a result of our work, the client’s online store now has a more comprehensive and accurate product description, which has increased customer engagement and interaction rates. The standardized and optimized text has helped to increase the conversion rate and clarify product offerings. Our work has contributed to the client’s business success by providing customers an enhanced online shopping experience.


Our ideation meeting focused on creating marketing and engaging content, including product descriptions and images, to increase customer interaction and conversion rates for Rocket Internet’s online store.


Our Content Strategy Design for Rocket Internet focuses on providing complete product descriptions, increasing customer interaction, and boosting conversion rates.


Creating descriptive and compelling product descriptions with standardized content editing, text generation, and image collection and categorization.


We provided high-quality and engaging content to Rocket’s Internet customers through various channels and platforms.

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Our happy client

Eyad Alkassar
Eyad Alkassar
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We hit up Xnet for content creation, and they delivered just what we expected.

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