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NFT NIGHT Web Design

The image of a monitor that shows the web design of the NFT NIGHT brand website in both web and responsive mode
NFT NIGHT web design
NFT NIGHT web design

Project Brief

The NFT NIGHT website redesign project was undertaken for a client in Canada who needed a new look for their NFT service site. The redesign needed to be completed within a month, and the client also requested Google Ads and SEO advertising for their website. The project involved researching the client’s business and target audience, ideating and sketching new design concepts, designing and developing the website, and implementing SEO and Google Ads strategies. The result was a modern and visually appealing website optimized for search engines and designed to attract and retain visitors.

What did we do for this client?

For the NFT NIGHT website redesign project, our team worked closely with the client to fulfill their requests and improve their online presence. We started by modifying the logo and changing the colors and graphics to fit the brand’s image better. We then tackled the problems with the current website, including changing the color palette and adding a footer while ensuring the site was moved to a new address and a new email address was created.

Next, we concentrated on improving the contact form on the site’s initial page and changing the style to guarantee more evenly distributed material. We also improved the font and color to increase readability and enhance the user experience. Additionally, we created a contact form related to the start button on the first page to streamline communication with potential clients.

Throughout the project, we worked efficiently to ensure all changes were completed within the requested timeline of one month. The client expressed satisfaction with our team’s support and speed, and we provided additional services in Google Ads and SEO advertising to further enhance their online presence.


Our team thoroughly analyzed the client’s requirements and preferences in the NFT NIGHT website redesign project’s ideation stage. We brainstormed ideas and evaluated them based on their relevance to the client’s needs and industry trends, focusing on enhancing user experience and visual appeal.


When the project to redesign the NFT NIGHT website was in the UX Research & UI Design stage, our team researched to understand the client’s target audience and user behavior. Based on insights, we created a new user interface design with improved navigation, updated color palette, and added a footer.


In the Development & SEO stage, we implemented the approved design and functionalities into the website. We ensured the website was responsive, fast, and optimized for search engines. We also integrated Google Ads and performed on-page SEO to improve the website’s visibility and ranking.


In this NFT NIGHT website redesign project stage, our team performed final tests and made necessary optimizations. The website was transferred to the new address, and the email address was created. The site was launched, and the client was provided with ongoing technical support and maintenance.

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Our happy client

Henry White
Henry White
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I was on a super important business trip and couldn't find the time to redesign my website. But then I stumbled upon these guys on LinkedIn; let me tell you, they rocked it! I'm seriously stoked with how fast and helpful they were. Highly recommend!

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