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Magic Voice - ui design

The UI design image shows the home page of Magic Voice and different parts of the site

Project Brief

Magic Voice, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, specializes in elevating auditory experiences for both businesses and individuals. Their primary objective is to establish an online platform that showcases a diverse collection of movies and animations from across the globe. In addition, they offer their voice narration services for various activities. The UX Research, UI Design, and Development project undertaken by Magic Voice emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of user requirements, the creation of an intuitive interface, and the seamless development of an online platform. The ultimate aim is to provide a delightful and engaging movie-watching experience. Leveraging their expertise in voice artistry, Magic Voice strives to deliver a distinctive and immersive audiovisual journey for their discerning audience.

What did we do for this client?

For the UX Research, UI Design & Development project, we provided comprehensive services tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. Our primary focus was centered on web design and development, with a particular emphasis on UX research, UI design, and development. The client’s objective was to establish a strong and comprehensive online presence for their business, encompassing services such as film, animation, narration, and voice services.

Acknowledging the significance of establishing a robust online presence in the contemporary competitive landscape, we undertook the development of a custom website that functioned as a centralized platform for highlighting their range of services and expanding their market reach. This website assumed a pivotal role in their growth trajectory, empowering them to forge connections with a broader audience and captivate new clientele.

Since the implementation of the website, the client has witnessed remarkable positive outcomes. Their business has experienced significant growth while establishing deeper connections with their target customer base. The website has provided them with enhanced visibility and accessibility, enabling them to reach and engage with customers effectively. Overall, the delivered solution has delivered tangible benefits to the client, fueling the expansion and success of their business.


In the Ideation stage of the Magic Voice UX Research, UI Design & Development project, we embarked on a process of generating diverse ideas and concepts. Through collaborative sessions and brainstorming, we explored various approaches to address user needs and enhance the platform’s functionality. Our focus remained on fostering innovation, creativity, and aligning with the client’s objectives while delivering a delightful experience to the target audience.


In the Wireframe Preparation stage of the Magic Voice UX Research, UI Design & Development project, our team dedicated their efforts to converting conceptual ideas into visual representations. We paid meticulous attention to detail while crafting the skeletal framework of the platform, meticulously outlining the layout, navigation, and content structure. This critical stage served as a comprehensive blueprint, providing guidance for the subsequent design and development phases, all aimed at delivering a user-centered and intuitive experience.


During the Testing and Delivery to the Customer of Site Content stage in the Magic Voice UX Research, UI Design & Development project, we conducted thorough testing to ensure the website’s functionality, performance, and compatibility. Upon achieving satisfactory results, we proceeded to deliver the finalized site content to the customer, ensuring it was ready for their review and approval.


During the Implementation and Publication of Site Content stage in the Magic Voice UX Research, UI Design & Development project, our team diligently executed the planned design and development components. We meticulously integrated the finalized UI design elements, optimized the site’s performance, and ensured seamless functionality across various devices. The outcome was a refined and professional website that is primed for public release.

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Our happy client

Ali Jones
Ali Jones
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While we had requested some key customizations, the website Xnet Group designed and developed for us was professional and visually appealing. In general, I find it to be reliable and high-quality.

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