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LiamTech visual identity

This image is Liam Teck's visual identity, which includes brochures, letterheads, business cards and envelopes
LiamTech visual identity
LiamTech visual identity

Project Brief

For the LiamTech brand in Singapore, a project was undertaken to develop a visual identity representing its security and protection services. The project involved research and ideation stages of determining the brand’s key values and visual identity elements, followed by design and execution to create the final product. The visual identity was designed to convey the brand’s professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness to potential customers while visually appealing and memorable. The completed visual identity was used across the brand’s marketing materials, including the website and social media, to increase brand recognition and engagement with the target audience.

What did we do for this client?

At our visual identity services for Liam Tech, our main goal was to create a coherent and professional visual identity that would build trust with their target audience. A strong visual identity is crucial for establishing a brand’s credibility and professionalism in today’s competitive business environment. Visual identity helps create a sense of trust and serves as a symbol of the business’s professionalism.

By establishing a strong and consistent visual identity, LiamTech could convey a sense of reliability and expertise to its customers, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business growth. We developed a visual identity that reflected these aspects while being distinctive and memorable. This included creating a logo, selecting appropriate colors and typography, and developing a brand style guide to ensure consistency across all visual communications.

By creating a cohesive visual identity, we aim to help Liam Tech stand out in its industry and win the trust of its customers. A strong visual identity will contribute to their long-term success and growth in the market.


During the ideation stage of creating a visual identity design for Liam Tech, we conducted several brainstorming sessions where we explored various concepts and ideas. We prioritized creativity and innovation to develop a unique and memorable brand identity that effectively represents the values and objectives of Liam Tech.


After the study and research stage, we sketched various design concepts, exploring different shapes, symbols, and typography to represent the brand’s values and personality. These sketches helped us to narrow down and refine our ideas before moving on to the digital design phase.


At the visual identity design stage, the insights gained from the previous stages are synthesized and utilized to develop the final design. Iterative design methods are used to refine and perfect the visual identity until a final design that meets the client’s requirements is achieved.


The final design is reviewed, refined, and tested for effectiveness at this stage. We present the design to the client for approval and make any necessary adjustments based on feedback. Once the client is satisfied, we finalize and deliver the visual identity package, including all necessary files and guidelines for implementation.

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Our happy client

Kay Far
Kay Far
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I am so impressed with the visual identity services that Xnet provided for my business. The team was highly skilled and professional, taking the time to understand my vision and goals.

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