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Liam Tech web design

This photo show Liam techs website design
Liam Tech web design
Liam Tech web design

Project Brief

The Liam Tech website design project aimed to create a modern and user-friendly platform to showcase the security and protection equipment for buildings in Singapore. Continuing the visual identity work we’ve already done for the brand; the project was approached with a deep understanding of the brand’s persona and objectives. The website design incorporated a clean, minimalistic aesthetic, easy navigation, and intuitive product categorization. The brand’s emphasis on quality and professionalism was reflected in every aspect of the website design. Our successful previous collaboration with the brand’s visual identity project contributed to building a strong working relationship, allowing smooth and efficient communication throughout the project.

What did we do for this client?

We designed an online shop site for Liam Tech to help them launch their online sales platform. We aimed to create a digital platform that would have allowed Liam Tech to sell its products and provide customer service through online shopping. Liam Tech needed a strong online presence to keep up with the development of technology and the increasing acceptance of online shopping.

To achieve this, our team collaborated extensively with the customer to comprehend their unique demands and requirements. We designed a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to easily navigate the website and find the products they sought. We also ensured the website was visually appealing and aligned with Liam Tech’s existing branding.

Our work helped Liam Tech establish a strong online presence and expand its reach to a wider customer base. By migrating from traditional methods to digital methods, Liam Tech was able to keep up with changing market trends and grow its business.


The ideation phase involved brainstorming with the Liam Tech team to identify the website’s purpose, target audience, and key features. We also researched the competition and industry trends to ensure the website would stand out and meet the client’s goals.


The UX research and UI design for Liam Tech’s website was done by a creative and innovative team that worked closely with the think tank and marketing team to ensure the website aligned with the company’s strategies and goals. They researched the user experience and designed the website’s interface to be intuitive and user-friendly.


In addition to developing the website, our team implemented various SEO techniques, such as keyword research and optimization, to improve the website’s visibility and search engine ranking. We also ensured that the website was optimized for speed, security, and mobile responsiveness to provide the best user experience.


At this stage, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the website was functioning properly and was fully optimized for SEO. After confirming everything was in order, the Liam Tech website was launched and made live for the public to access and use.

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Our happy client

Mehdi Roozbahani
Mehdi Roozbahani
Founder & CEO
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I am so impressed with the visual identity services that Xnet provided for my business. The team was highly skilled and professional, taking the time to understand my vision and goals.

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