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Liam Tech logo design

Liam Tech logo design
Liam Tech logo design
Liam Tech logo design

Project Brief

The project involved creating a logo for Liam Tech, a store catering to security and protection services. The logo focused on using a blue color scheme, symbolizing trust, reliability, and stability. The goal was to create a design that aligned with the brand identity and conveyed a strong sense of security and protection to the target audience. An effective logo could help establish Liam Tech’s reputation as a trustworthy and dependable security service provider. Thus, the objective was to create a logo that stood out and accurately represented Liam Tech’s image and character.

What did we do for this client?

We created a professional logo for the Liam Tech brand, which accurately represents their business and showcases the nature of their services. We utilized the blue color in the design, which is suitable for showing security. We considered the broad target audience of this brand, which includes individuals across all segments of society.

The blue color used in the logo creates a sense of security and peace, which can attract customers to Liam Tech. The professional structure of the logo gives the Liam Tech business a professional and trustworthy appearance, effectively representing the brand to its customers. Overall, we worked collaboratively with the client, considering their brief and feedback, to create a logo that is relevant to the business, appeals to customers, and accurately represents the Liam Tech brand.



Our team brainstormed and generated multiple design ideas during the ideation session for Liam Tech’s logo. We evaluated each idea and determined which concept would best represent the brand and appeal to its target audience, considering the use of blue color to convey a sense of security.


Our team produced multiple initial designs on paper during the sketching stage for Liam Tech’s logo. We then selected the robust designs and refined them to create the final logo design that accurately represented the business and conveyed a sense of security.


During the logo design stage for Liam Tech’s logo, our team refined the initial sketches and developed digital versions of the most promising designs. We worked with the client to fine-tune the details of the chosen concept and create a polished final logo that effectively represents the brand.


During the logo presentation stage for Liam Tech’s logo, we presented the final design options to the client for approval. We made any final adjustments to the selected design to ensure its effectiveness in representing the brand image and values.

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Our happy client

Kay Far
Kay Far
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"I am so impressed with the visual identity services that Xnet provided for my business. The team was highly skilled and professional, taking the time to understand my vision and goals. The final product was exceptional and truly captured the essence of my brand. Even better, the price was very reasonable compared to other design agencies I have worked with. I highly recommend Xnet's visual identity services to anyone looking for top-quality design work at a great value."

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