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Project Brief

For the Kemsun logo design and logomotion project, our team was tasked with designing a logo and motion logo for a clothing store in Manchester. The client, referred to us by a friend, needed a strong visual identity for her brand. We extensively collaborated with the client to fully grasp her concept before developing a distinctive logo and motion logo that perfectly encapsulated her company. In addition, the client expressed interest in having us design a website for her brand, which we incorporated into the project scope. Our team delivered a cohesive and effective visual identity for Kemsun that would help the client establish a strong presence in the competitive fashion market.

What did we do for this client?

For the Kemsun logo design and logomotion project, our team designed a logo that embodied the brand’s essence – inspirational, creative, and unique. We provided the client various logo options, each with a special design and color scheme. The final proposal was improved through numerous rounds of feedback and revisions. The final logo is simple yet elegant, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic that perfectly captures the essence of the Kemsun brand.

To ensure the logo would work well on packaging fabric labels and across various digital platforms, our team carefully considered the size and placement of the logo, as well as the color scheme and font choice. In addition to the static logo, we also created a motion logo for Kemsun. The logomotion was designed to represent the movement and creativity that Kemsun embodies.

Overall, the client was thrilled with the logo design, commenting that it was inspirational and exceeded her expectations. We were delighted to have met her vision and earned her trust in our ability to deliver high-quality work at an affordable price.


Our team brainstormed and came up with several concepts and ideas that encapsulated the spirit of the Kemsun brand during the Ideation stage of the logo design project. We conducted market, competition, and brand identity research on the client to guide our design approach.


At this point, depending on the brainstorming stage, our design team produced several rough drawings of prospective logo alternatives. These sketches served as the basis for more intricate digital designs, enabling a thorough investigation of design ideas.


At this stage, our team developed and finalized the logo design in accordance with the brand identity, incorporating creativity, uniqueness, and inspiration. The design underwent refinement and improvement through feedback and revisions to create a final proposal that fulfilled the client’s requirements and vision for the brand.


At the Logo Presentation stage of the Kemsun logo design project, our team presented the final logo design to the client for approval. We explained the design process and the reasoning behind the design choices and incorporated any last feedback from the client before finalizing the logo.

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Our happy client

Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson
Founder & CEO
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They're like my kids! I'm so glad I found this company with a young and creative team. At first, I was worried about getting good quality at a low price, but after eight months, I'm happy to choose them.

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