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Green Boost - application design

The image related to the design of the green boost brand application, which is the page of the amount of increases and meals and the page of sports exercises

Project Brief

Managers in Hungary initiated the GreenBoost application design project with the goal of creating an app that could provide a healthy lifestyle through better nutrition. The resulting app design, created by us, included features such as calorie and nutrient tracking, food logging, barcode scanning, custom food creation, adaptive budgeting, and progress monitoring through interactive charts and reports. Our team developed the app’s visual identity to reflect its name, with green and white colors used throughout the design. The project was successful, and the app received positive feedback from customers.

What did we do for this client?

For the GreenBoost application design project, we provided a range of comprehensive services to the client, beginning with selecting a suitable platform for development and culminating in providing ongoing support and follow-up. Our skilled team did comprehensive research and analysis to determine the best platform for app development. We then created a user-friendly interface allowing users to track their meals and exercises while gaining vital insights about their nutritional consumption and exercise regimens.

The app’s various features, including calorie and nutrient tracking, meal logging, barcode scanning, custom food creation, adaptive budgeting, and progress monitoring through interactive charts and reports, resulted from countless hours of labor on the part of our software development team.

Once the application went live, users praised it highly, so we continued to support and update it to guarantee its success. We ensured that our support personnel was readily available to address any emerging issues, and we conducted routine inspections to ensure the application conformed with the client’s requirements. In conclusion, we offered a comprehensive solution that exceeded the client’s needs and resulted in substantial user advantages.


The earliest step of application design, known as ideation, is when the general idea and specifications for the application are established. The target audience is defined, their needs are comprehended, and the application’s goals and objectives are developed during this phase. This phase establishes the framework for the remaining design steps and ensures the application fulfills its users’ requirements and expectations.


During the design stage of the application design project, the structure, user interface, and functionality of the application are planned. Wireframes, visual design elements, and user flows are created to ensure that the application meets the requirements identified in the ideation stage.


In this stage, the application is built based on the design created in the previous stage. The developers use programming languages and frameworks to write the code that brings the application to life. The back-end infrastructure is created, databases are integrated, and APIs are developed to ensure seamless communication between various application components.


The Testing and Evaluation stage encompasses thorough and systematic application testing to ensure it adheres to the requirements established in the planning and design stages and delivers a seamless user experience. This process involves comprehensive bug fixing, compatibility checks, performance testing, and usability testing.

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Our happy client

John Doe
John Doe
Founder & CEO
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I gotta say, I was super impressed with the support I got from the Xnet squad after they finished building the app. They were on top of things, always there when I needed them.

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