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Granola Visual Design

The image of the graphic design of the packaging of the granola brand, in the image of the package of granola with the flavor of mixed fruits, the orange color of the package and various fruits around it are depicted.
Granola visual design
Granola visual design

Project Brief

Our team worked with a granola brand based in South Africa, which planned to export its products to Europe. The project involved designing product packaging for granola bags in various sizes, bags containing energy balls, and products in jars. The packaging required labels displaying the brand name and identity, which would be consistent with the website and social media profiles. Our team focused on creating a more luxurious and eye-catching packaging design using a wider range of colors to make the product stand out in the competitive European market.

What did we do for this client?

We provided a comprehensive packaging solution tailored to this client’s needs and goals. As the client was looking to enter the European and American markets, we conducted extensive research to understand the market trends and requirements for packaging. Then, we created a design to communicate the brand’s message to the target demographic successfully. The customer was given a variety of alternatives, and we carefully collaborated with them to perfect the design to their liking.

Along with that, we made sure the packaging met all export-related rules and specifications. We provided a high-quality and reasonably priced solution that was far beyond the client’s expectations because of the experience and knowledge of our staff in this area. After exporting the client’s items for four months, the client’s favorable comments we got were proof of our commitment to offering first-rate service.


The ideation stage for the Project for the packaging of granola products involved researching the target market in Europe, exploring a wide range of colors and design options, and developing a more luxurious and eye-catching identity that would stand out on the shelves of foreign markets.


Multiple design concepts were drafted and explored in the Sketching stage of the Project for the packaging of granola products. This involved experimenting with various color palettes, typography, and layout options to create a visually appealing and cohesive design that effectively communicates the brand’s message and identity.


During the Design and Production stage of the Project for the packaging of granola products, our team finalized the design concept, created mockups and prototypes, selected the materials, and coordinated with manufacturers for production. We ensured the quality and consistency of the packaging across all sizes and variations.


We showcased the final packaging designs to the client during the presentation stage and received feedback. After incorporating the feedback, we proceeded with the final packaging production. The final product was visually appealing, eye-catching, and aligned with the client’s brand image.

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Our happy client

Amma Kekana
Amma Kekana
Founder & CEO
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We checked out various ad agencies and reviewed their product packaging ideas. But in the end, we went with Xnet because their prices were good, and we liked their first sketches.

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