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Going Greek Visual Design

The image of two food boxes, one with an open door and a sandwich inside, and one with a closed door, showing the logo of the Going Greek brand.
Going Greek visual design
Going Greek visual design

Project Brief

Going Greek is a restaurant chain with branches in Canada and America that needed to redesign its packaging to represent its brand better and leave a lasting impression on customers. Our team collaborated to develop a simple, eye-catching design that reflected their brand identity while appealing to their target demographic. We also ensured that the packaging was functional and practical for the customers and the staff. The result was a successful and memorable packaging design that helped enhance the customer experience and improve the brand image.

What did we do for this client?

For the packaging service we provided to the Going Greek restaurant chain, we had numerous meetings with our ideation team and designers to discuss the best approach to achieve the client’s objectives. After careful consideration, we determined that a simple and minimal packaging design would be the most effective solution. Our team concentrated on developing a user-friendly interface that allowed clients to readily get their food while preventing it from being damaged.

We considered the brand’s desired image and worked on developing aligned packaging. We kept the customer in the loop throughout the design process and made changes in response to their input. We aimed to create a packaging design that met the client’s functional requirements and conveyed their brand’s essence. We are proud to have delivered a final product that met our client’s expectations and helped them enhance their brand identity.


In the ideation stage for the packaging design project, our team had numerous meetings to brainstorm and come up with ideas. We determined that a simple, minimalistic design with a user-friendly interface that is compatible with nature would best serve the needs of the Going Greek restaurant chain, also we recommended used cardboard as the most suitable material for the brand’s sustainability and compatibility with nature.


During the Sketching stage, our designers created a variety of packaging concepts based on the ideas generated in the Ideation stage. They explored different shapes, colors, and materials to find the most suitable options for Going Greek’s needs.


In the Design and production stage, our team finalized the chosen design, selected materials, and created prototypes. We ensured the packaging was easy to produce and cost-effective for the client while maintaining the desired quality and functionality, as well as ensuring its compatibility with nature by using environmentally friendly materials.


We showcased our finalized design to the client, highlighting the key features and benefits of the packaging. We also discussed the production process and ensured the client was satisfied with the final product before moving forward.

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Our happy client

Gabriel Garner
Gabriel Garner
Founder & CEO
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Their work quality was solid but it took longer than I had hoped. Still, overall satisfied with their output!

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