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Flipur motion graphic design

This photo show Filio motion graphic design background
Flipur motion graphic design
Flipur motion graphic design

Project Brief

Flipur, a real estate investment business based in California, commissioned Xnet to create motion graphics that aligned with its brand identity. Through collaboration with the Flipur team, the motion graphics project utilized creativity and strategic thinking to bring the brand to life dynamically and compellingly. The project was completed within the desired timeline and budget, providing Flipur with a high-quality, cost-effective solution for its motion graphics needs. The project highlights Xnet’s ability to collaborate with clients and create customized motion graphics that align with their brand identity.

What did we do for this client?

The client wanted a visually appealing way to showcase their business description on their homepage, and we suggested motion graphics as a solution. Motion graphics were a fluid and engaging way to convey information about the business and increase user awareness of its activities.

Our team worked on ideation and creative direction to create a motion graphics video that matched the client’s brand identity. We ensured that the content of the video was easy to understand and presented essential information about Flipur’s business appealingly. The final product was delivered to the client for use on their website, and they were satisfied with the outcome.

We communicated openly with the client throughout the project to meet their needs and expectations. We aimed to help Flipur increase user engagement and brand awareness through motion graphics. Our team collaborated with the client to create a motion graphics project that met their needs and aligned with their brand identity.


The ideation stage for Flipur motion graphics involved brainstorming sessions with the ideation and implementation team in generating creative ideas that aligned with the client’s brand identity and communicated their business effectively. We considered factors such as fluidity of animation, visual appeal, and message clarity to determine the best approach for the project.


After ideation, the implementation team started sketching the storyboard for the motion graphics video, outlining the structure and sequence of visuals and messages. They also identified the key design elements, such as color palette and typography, for the final product. The sketches were reviewed and revised until the team was satisfied with the direction.


The production stage involved the creation of the motion graphics according to the finalized storyboard; our team utilized various techniques to bring the project to life. The final product was reviewed and edited multiple times to ensure it aligned with the client’s vision and brand identity.


At the presentation stage, we reviewed the final version of the motion graphics with the client, ensuring that all aspects met their expectations. We made necessary adjustments and refinements based on their feedback before delivering the final product. We provided the client with the finished motion graphics, and they were Satisfied with the results.

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Our happy client

Samuel Meskimen
Samuel Meskimen
Founder & CEO
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I'm thrilled with Xnet's motion graphics service created for my business. The team was incredibly professional and easy to work with.

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