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Ferno- visual design

Visual design of Ferno brand image, whose letters look like a pizza
Ferno visual design
Ferno visual design

Project Brief

The Ferno Visual Design project aimed to enhance the visual identity of the Ferno restaurant in Milan, Italy. Through careful analysis and understanding of the brand, we developed a comprehensive visual design strategy. This involved creating a cohesive and appealing visual language, including logo design, color palette, typography, and imagery. The design concepts were presented to the client, and their feedback was incorporated to refine the final design. The result was a visually captivating and consistent brand identity that effectively represented Ferno’s unique characteristics and helped to establish a strong and memorable presence in the market.

What did we do for this client?

In the Ferno Visual Design project, our team enhanced the brand’s visual appeal in line with its visual identity. We focused on implementing creative ideas to elevate the brand’s aesthetics. One of our key contributions was the design of attractive and popular paper cups that resonated with the target community and the restaurant’s location. These cups added to the overall visual experience for customers.

Additionally, we developed visually appealing paper designs for under the food, creating a distinct and captivating element that enhanced the overall presentation. This attention to detail aimed to attract and engage the audience, making their dining experience more enjoyable.

Moreover, we took charge of the visual design for various campaigns and programs associated with the brand. Our creative solutions resulted in the employer’s satisfaction and raised the expectations of the restaurant’s customers. By delivering visually stunning designs across different mediums, we successfully elevated the brand’s image and positively impacted its audience.


In the Ideation stage of the Ferno Visual Design project, we carefully explored and generated creative ideas to enhance the brand’s visual appeal. This involved brainstorming sessions, research, and analysis of the target audience and market trends. We identified opportunities and conceptualized design approaches that aligned with Ferno’s visual identity and brand positioning.


We translated the conceptual ideas into visual representations in the Sketching stage of the Ferno Visual Design project. We explored various design options and concepts for the brand’s visual elements through hand-drawn sketches and digital illustrations, such as paper cups and food wrappers. This stage allowed us to refine the design direction and present visual concepts to the client for further evaluation and feedback.


During the Design stage of the Ferno Visual Design project, we translated the ideation and sketches into concrete visual concepts. We meticulously crafted the designs for the paper cups and food wrappers, ensuring they aligned with Ferno’s visual identity. Attention to detail and creativity was paramount in this stage to create visually appealing and distinctive designs.


In this Ferno Visual Design project stage, we showcased our finalized designs to the client. We prepared a comprehensive presentation highlighting the visual appeal, uniqueness, and alignment with the brand’s identity. We effectively communicated the design choices and received feedback from the client, ensuring their satisfaction and approval before implementation.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
Founder & CEO
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