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Ferno stop motion

The image of a white monitor that shows stop motion frames of Ferno brand
Ferno Stop Motion
Ferno Stop Motion

Project Brief

The Ferno Stop Motion project was developed to support the introduction of the Origami Battles campaign for Freno restaurant in Milan, Italy. The stop motion video was designed to incorporate Ferno’s brand identity and raise awareness about the brand’s quality and campaign. Through engaging visuals and captivating storytelling, the stop motion effectively conveyed the essence of Ferno and created a strong connection with the target audience. The project aimed to enhance brand recognition and generate excitement for the Origami Battles campaign, ultimately contributing to Freno restaurant’s overall success and reputation.

What did we do for this client?

In response to the identified needs of the Origami Battles campaign and after extensive consultation with the client, our objective was to introduce the campaign and the Ferno brand to customers using visually captivating tools. We collectively decided to create and execute a creative stop-motion video during the ideation session. Our motion graphics team explored numerous designs and ideas, and after careful consideration, we arrived at a final result that met the client’s expectations and preferences.

The chosen design aligned with the campaign’s objectives and pleased the client visually. Our meticulous approach and collaborative efforts successfully conceptualized and executed a design that effectively conveyed the Origami Battles campaign’s essence and enhanced the Ferno brand’s overall appeal.


At the outset of the ideation stage in the Ferno Stop Motion project, our primary goal was to develop creative ideas that would effectively support the Origami Battles campaign and promote the Ferno brand. Through in-depth discussions and brainstorming sessions, we collaborated to explore various concepts and approaches, aiming to create an engaging and visually appealing stop-motion video.


During the Sketching stage of the Ferno Stop Motion project, our team translated the ideas generated in the ideation phase into visual sketches and storyboards. Through this process, we outlined the key scenes, characters, and transitions for the stop-motion video, ensuring a clear and coherent narrative that aligns with the campaign objectives and brand identity of Ferno.


In the Production stage of the Ferno Stop Motion project, we brought the sketched concepts to life. Our team meticulously crafted and animated the scenes, characters, and objects using stop-motion techniques. We ensured the smooth execution of the video, paying attention to details, capturing precise movements, and adding visual effects to enhance the overall quality and appeal of the final product.


In the Presentation stage of the Ferno Stop Motion project, we showcased the final stop motion video to the client and the target audience. We carefully prepared the presentation, highlighting the creative elements, brand identity integration, and the overall impact of the video. Through a captivating presentation, we aimed to engage and impress viewers, effectively communicating the Origami Battles campaign’s essence and reinforcing the Ferno brand’s quality.

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