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Ferno - Origami Battles Campaign

This image shows the details of Ferno's Origami campaign and its data and numerical results

Project Brief

Our team developed the Origami Battles Campaign project for Freno’s Italian restaurant to increase brand awareness and generate more sales leads. The project included stand and guide sheet designs, visual origami designs, and animation. By entertaining customers with an origami competition while they waited for their food, the campaign helped to create a fun and engaging experience for customers. Ferno was able to attract more potential customers and create a memorable experience that helped to increase brand recognition. Overall, the Origami Battles Campaign project was successful in achieving its goals and helping Freno’s Italian restaurant to reach a wider audience.

What did we do for this client?

Our team conceptualized, designed, and executed a unique competition at Ferno’s Italian restaurant for the Origami Battles Campaign project. We created printed papers for customers to make origami animals, and they were asked to predict which of the four origami would come in second place.

After tabulating the votes, the origami that came in second place was designated as the brand of the Origami Battle. A lottery was conducted among those who guessed correctly, with the top three winners receiving a Xiaomi phone, watch, and hands-free. Even those who guessed correctly but were not lottery winners were given a discount.

We initiated the campaign by gathering relevant information from the client, preparing a Gantt chart, and outlining the ideation and design of the campaign. Following client approval, we executed the campaign and prepared campaign documents. Overall, the Origami Battles Campaign increased brand awareness, provided customers with entertainment, and generated sales leads for Ferno’s Italian restaurant.


During the ideation stage of the Origami Battles Campaign project, our team brainstormed ideas for increasing sales leads for the client through unique and entertaining competitions. We came up with the idea of an origami contest with prizes for winners.



In the preliminary planning stage for the Origami Battles Campaign, we identified the client’s needs, developed campaign goals, and determined target audience demographics. We also researched competitor campaigns and identified potential risks and challenges.


The campaign preparation stage for the Origami Battles Campaign project involved creating the necessary campaign documents and finalizing the campaign plan based on client approval. This included designing and printing the competition’s guide sheets and visual design elements.



Ultimately, our team executed the planned competition at Freno’s Italian restaurant. We oversaw the origami contest, lottery drawing, and awarding prizes to winners. The campaign successfully increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales leads for the client.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
Founder & CEO
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The Fantastic August campaign was well-designed and effective in engaging our audience. We would consider working with them again if needed.

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