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Project Brief

Ferno’s Italian restaurant approached us with a need to modernize its marketing strategy and stand out in a competitive market. Their objective was to enhance the customer experience by utilizing technology and creating optimal conditions for their customers, for which we proposed an online menu. In addition to saving the restaurant money, the digital menu we suggested would show the cuisine and drinks to guests with fresh and appealing graphics, making it simpler for customers to decide what they wanted to order. The brand successfully differentiated itself from competitors and achieved its objectives because of the digital menu’s exceptional user experience.

What did we do for this client?

Our team designed and prepared a digital menu for Ferno’s Italian restaurant to create a new marketing channel and serve their customers digitally. The online menu has easy access and a wide variety of food and drink options for customers. Additionally, the online menu reduces costs by eliminating the need to print paper to update menus and reduces workforce costs.

By offering this product to Ferno’s Italian restaurant, our team helped them to provide better services to their customers and stay up-to-date with the digitalization of the restaurant industry. Online menu technology has brought positive results by increasing customer satisfaction and improving the overall efficiency of the restaurant’s operations.

During the Online Menu Design project, our team assessed the client’s needs and goals before devising and developing a digital menu tailored to them. In addition, we offered assistance and training to the restaurant personnel to guarantee a seamless transfer to the new system.

Overall, our online menu design project for Ferno’s Italian restaurant has helped them to enhance their customer experience and remain competitive in the ever-changing restaurant industry.


In the ideation stage of the online menu design project for Ferno’s Italian restaurant, we assessed the client’s needs and goals, discussed the benefits of technology in the competitive market, and proposed a digital menu solution to enhance the customer experience and present food and drink options in an updated and visually appealing way.


Following the ideation stage, our team devoted efforts to crafting a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing digital menu in the UX research and UI design stage of the Online Menu design project. We undertook extensive research to comprehend the preferences and requirements of the target audience and designed a menu featuring an intuitive interface, simple navigation, and high-quality images to augment the customer experience.


Our team collated and arranged the required details about the restaurant’s menu items, including descriptions, pricing, and photographs, during the Content Preparation stage of the Online Menu design project. We ensured the information was correct, aesthetically pleasing, and simple for clients to navigate.


In the Going live stage of the Online Menu design project, the team ensured that all the content was finalized and the website was fully functional. The website was launched and made available to customers. To guarantee a seamless switch to the new system, our team offered assistance and instruction to the restaurant employees. Any necessary revisions were performed to guarantee that the website operated without a hitch and satisfied the client’s demands.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
Founder & CEO
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