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Ferno logo design

This photo show Ferno logo design
Ferno logo design
Ferno logo design

Project brief

The project involved creating a logo for Ferno, a fast-food restaurant in Italy, focusing on conveying its brand identity through a yellow color scheme. The logo was designed to be visually appealing and memorable while reflecting the brand’s ethos and values. An effective logo could help establish Ferno as a favorite fast food brand among its target audience, making it crucial to create a design that effectively communicates the brand’s image and character. The objective was to create a logo that left a lasting impression on customers and helped contribute towards Ferno’s success.

What did we do for this client?

For this client, we created a professional logo that effectively represented their business, considering their requirements regarding the nature of their business and target audience. Based on the completed brief from the customer and regarding the color yellow as a warm color, we designed a suitable logo that catered to both small and large families who were the primary target audience of this brand. The bright color used in the logo effectively encouraged and attracted customers while also creating a warm and inviting feeling. The professional design of the logo established the client’s business as a credible and trustworthy brand for their customers. We delivered a high-quality logo design that met the client’s requirements and effectively represented their business.


Our team brainstormed and generated multiple design ideas during the ideation session for Ferno’s fast food logo. We evaluated each idea and determined which concept would best represent the brand and appeal to its target audience.


While sketching Ferno’s fast food logo, our team produced multiple initial designs on paper. We then selected robust designs and refined them to create the final logo.


During the logo design stage, our team refined the initial sketches and developed digital versions of the most promising designs. We worked with the client to fine-tune the details of the chosen concept and create a polished final logo.


Our team presented the final logo design to the client for approval during the logo presentation stage. We provided explanations of the design choices and made any final adjustments to ensure the client was satisfied with the outcome.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
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The Fantastic August campaign was well-designed and effective in engaging our audience. We would consider working with them again if needed.

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