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Ferno fantastic august campaign

The designed banner shows the description of the campaign, including the goals and the results

Project Brief

Our team worked on the Fantastic August campaign design and implementation project for Ferno, an Italian restaurant looking to increase sales leads. We created visually appealing and effective marketing materials to promote the campaigns, including flyers, social media graphics, and email newsletters. Throughout the implementation phase, we monitored the effectiveness of the campaigns and made necessary adjustments to maximize their impact. Ultimately, the Fantastic August campaign increased sales leads and achieved the client’s goals.

What did we do for this client?

Our team developed a strategy to increase sales leads for the Fantastic August campaign project for Ferno’s Italian restaurant. We utilized the cashback technique to attract potential customers, offering more points in exchange for increased purchases. We created attractive printed materials, including stand and guide sheet designs and visual designs and animations, to promote the campaign and increase brand awareness.

Our process involved gathering information from the client, conducting ideation, design, and review processes, and preparing a Gantt chart. We presented the client with specialized ideation and an initial campaign plan, which was approved before we prepared and executed the campaign documents. Our team successfully implemented the Fantastic August campaign, resulting in increased leads for sales and improved brand recognition for the client.


Initially, our team received relevant information from the client and conducted an ideation process to brainstorm various strategies to increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. We subsequently reviewed the execution process and prepared a Gantt chart to plan the campaign efficiently.


During the Preliminary Planning stage of the Fantastic August campaign project, our team created and planned suitable strategies based on the approved ideas from the previous stage. We developed a detailed and comprehensive plan to ensure the smooth implementation of the campaign.


During the campaign preparation stage for the Fantastic August campaign project, our team finalized the campaign plan and created all necessary materials such as stand design, guide sheet design, visual design, and animation. We ensured that all materials were high quality and aligned with the client’s branding.


In the Running the campaign stage of the Fantastic August campaign project, our team oversaw the implementation of the campaign to ensure its proper execution. We closely monitored the campaign and made necessary adjustments to align with the client’s preferences and address any concerns.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
Founder & CEO
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The Fantastic August campaign was well-designed and effective in engaging our audience. We would consider working with them again if needed.

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