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Project Brief

A professional website was designed and developed for the Square brand to represent the client’s business and attract potential customers properly. The site was crafted according to the client’s specifications, and the marketing team ensured it met the intended goals. The aim was to create a visually attractive website that provided comprehensive information about Square’s products and services while emphasizing its unique value proposition. By establishing a strong online presence, the Square brand positioned itself as a reliable provider of top-quality Square and related services.

What did we do for this client?

Our team designed and developed a professional website for the Square brand website project that showcased the client’s business and attracted potential clients. The marketing team extensively evaluated the site to ensure it accomplished the required goals after meticulously constructing it to the client’s specifications. We put 3D models onto the website to let customers extensively explore the interiors of the properties to provide consumers with a fascinating and realistic user experience.

Our focus on design and functionality made the site more attractive to the target audience, enabling them to make more informed decisions when choosing a home. The innovative components we included have made the website into a useful tool for the Square brand, successfully marketing its enterprise and generating leads.

Overall, our team’s work designing and constructing the Square website has greatly aided the client’s efforts to build a strong online presence and position themselves as dependable suppliers of high-quality goods and services in their field. We are confident that the website will continue to generate positive outcomes for the Square brand.


During the ideation stage for creating the website of the Square brand, we brainstormed and generated ideas based on the client’s needs and goals. We also researched the industry and competitors to ensure a unique and effective website design meeting the client’s requirements.


In the UX Research & UI Design stage for creating the website of Square, we conducted thorough research to understand the target audience and their preferences. We created a user-friendly and aesthetically attractive interface based on insights that successfully highlight the client’s items. Users will get a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to the design, which also includes a 3D virtual tour of the home that will help them make informed choices.


During the Development & SEO stage for creating the website of the Square brand, we built the website based on the design and functionality requirements established in the previous stages. We concentrated on enhancing the website’s functionality, security, and search engine optimization. Additionally, we ensured the website was responsive and easy for users of all types of devices.


In the ready and test stage for creating the website of Square, we made final adjustments to the design and development based on user testing and feedback. We thoroughly tested the website for functionality and performance, ensuring it met all technical requirements and was ready for launch.

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Our happy client

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We had some issues with our web design and development, but when we talked to the experts at Xnet, they convinced us that working with them would be beneficial. The best thing about working with them was their amazing ideas. They're super creative!

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