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Amol Logo Design

The image includes business cards, office letterheads, envelopes and red labels with the Amol brand logo on them.
Amol logo design
Amol logo design

Project Brief

We were tasked with creating a visual identity and logo for Amol Warehousing Services, a new partner in the Barcelona, Spain, warehousing services sector, to set them out from their rivals. The company needed to develop a distinctive and memorable brand identity because it is a subsidiary of a significant construction firm. Our team worked on several logo design options and presented them to the client before creating a final design that met their demands and supported the development of their brand.

What did we do for this client?

For Amol Warehousing Services, our team designed a new visual identity and logo that reflected their entry into the warehousing services market. We started with several brainstorming sessions to identify the key elements that the logo should include. Based on the customer’s request for red color, we created a modern, sleek design incorporating this color. We also ensured that the logo was versatile enough to be used in both physical exhibitions and virtual spaces.

During the course of action, we gave great significance to excellence and collaborated closely with the client to satisfy their requirements and desires. We presented several design options to the customer and received feedback to refine the logo further. Ultimately, we delivered a design that exceeded the customer’s expectations and helped them stand out from their competitors in the warehousing market.

Amid the experience, we kept up tall polished skills in our transactions and introductions, inspiring the client and convincing them we were the correct choice. Our team also provided excellent support and offered competitive pricing that contributed to the project’s success.


During the ideation stage for the visual identity and logo design service project for Amol, our team conducted research to gain insights into the client’s business, industry, and target audience. We brainstormed ideas and concepts and evaluated them based on their relevance to the client’s requirements and preferences.


In the sketching stage, our designers created multiple rough sketches and ideas for the logo based on the client’s request to use red and ensure the design could be used effectively in exhibitions and virtual spaces. They explored various shapes and styles to find the most suitable design.


In this stage, our team of designers created several logo concepts based on the client’s requirements and preferences. We presented the concepts to the client, and after receiving their feedback, we refined the chosen design to create the final logo. We also guided the color scheme and typography to ensure a cohesive visual identity.


We presented the finalized logo design, mockups, and color options to the client. We received feedback from the client and made necessary revisions before finalizing the design. We also provided guidelines on how to use the logo in various applications.

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Our happy client

Eduardo Ribera
Eduardo Ribera
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We were all about quality over price, so we were picky about whom we went with. But this company impressed us with their professionalism and convincing presentation. We had to look at many designs, but they gave us great support and offers that surprised us!

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