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A Month & 2 Goals campaign

Image of Ferno campaign and description of this campaign and its results

Project Brief

For the A Month & 2 Goals campaign project of Ferno restaurant in Italy, we conducted an extensive market analysis to identify the most effective sales lead generation strategies. We then designed and implemented a targeted digital marketing campaign, which included email marketing, social media advertising, and paid search advertising. Through this campaign, we improved website traffic and produced more leads, which led to a considerable uptick in the restaurant’s revenue. The restaurant could make data-driven decisions and further refine its sales strategy thanks to the regular reports and analyses we gave about the campaign’s effectiveness.

What did we do for this client?

As part of our A Month & 2 Goals campaign for our Italian restaurant client Ferno, our primary objective was to help them increase their sales by attracting more potential customers. To accomplish this, we devised and put into action several inventive marketing plans that were in line with the requirements of our customers.

One of the key strategies we implemented was a cashback promotion to incentivize customers to return to the restaurant. We offered customers cashback on their purchases, increasing sales and encouraging them to become repeat customers.

Furthermore, we allocated a small percentage of each customer’s purchase amount to support a charitable cause, demonstrating the restaurant’s commitment to social responsibility. This approach helped to build a positive brand image for the restaurant and encouraged customers to support a good cause.

In addition, as a marketing strategy, we allowed clients to support humanitarian efforts by purchasing it. This novel strategy contributed to having a beneficial effect on society. Customers were more inclined to return and suggest the restaurant because it gave them a feeling of direction.

Our A Month & 2 Goals campaign raised sales and brought new customers to the restaurant. Our creative and effective marketing strategies helped meet our client’s objectives and contributed to their business growth and success.


The ideation team developed new marketing techniques that complemented the client’s objectives during the brainstorming phase of the Designing A Month & 2 Goals campaign project, such as cashback incentives and charity donations. They also indicated possible difficulties and solutions.


our team prepared a thorough project plan for the Designing A Month & 2 Goals campaign project during the preliminary planning stage, which included timeframes, milestones, and a budget. They also determined the necessary resources and supplies for the project’s success, identified important stakeholders, and allocated roles and duties.


The team designed and refined the marketing strategies, creative material, and campaign messaging for the Designing A Month & 2 Goals campaign project during the Campaign planning stage. They also did market research to identify the target population and examined data to determine the campaign’s efficacy. Finally, they produced the campaign’s resources and assets, including advertising materials and tools.


While running the Campaign stage for the Designing A Month & 2 Goals project, the team executed creative marketing strategies, such as cashback promotions and charitable contributions. They also monitored and tracked the campaign’s progress and made adjustments as needed to ensure its success. The staff also interacted with consumers and handled any questions or issues they may have had.

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Our happy client

Muhammad R Noferesti
Muhammad R Noferesti
Founder & CEO
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The Fantastic August campaign was well-designed and effective in engaging our audience. We would consider working with them again if needed.

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